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  • Helen Fryer

I've been busy! I've just added 28 new works to the Available Works page, as two new exhibitions including my work open this week. On Thursday, Birch Tree Gallery in Edinburgh launches their Inspired by the Sea exhibition, which includes 4 of my pieces. Then, on Friday, I'll be heading up to Resipole Studios on Ardnamurchan for the opening of my first solo show of the year.

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  • Helen Fryer

I've just completed Dusk draws on, a commission for a customer in London who wanted something similar to one of my previous pieces. For a bit of fun, I recorded a time-lapse video to document how I went about producing a painting. See if you can spot my little helper!

You'll see that I make a lot of use of my iPad, not only as a reference for the image I'm creating, but also to take pictures of the work in progress so that I can get a different perspective on it and experiment with the framing.

I hope you find it interesting.

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  • Helen Fryer

I was pleased to be selected to exhibit in the New York Affordable Art Fair in March 2018. However, things didn't go smoothly; all of the works shipped over by Panter & Hall were shipped in a container in which US Customs took an unhealthy interest.

The outcome is that all of the works spent the duration of the show impounded at New York Docks, and then got shipped back without seeing the light of day.

So, Panter & Hall now have a lot of works that have spent 3 months travelling around 7000 miles, but without being exhibited. They plan to put this right with their "Thanks to US Customs" exhibition, opening 24th May - do take a look.

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