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  • Helen Fryer

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I'm excited to announce that I'm holding a solo exhibition, Beyond Lakeland from 12th April to 12th June 2021 at Brantwood, John Ruskin's house on the shores of Coniston Water in the English Lake District. I aim to showcase the wild, less well known scenery of the northern fringes of Cumbria, beyond the tourist honeypots.

Click here for more details of the exhibition, and see here on my website for details of what I'll be exhibiting.

Please drop in, I'd love to see you. The exhibition's open from 10:30am - 5pm daily to everyone with a Garden Ticket, but if you'd like to make sure that I'll be around please get in touch. You can find my contact details here.

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  • Helen Fryer

I've recently delivered some new works to Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth. The one below is "Path to Blue Dial", a farm on the Solway coast between Allonby and Maryport. In summer there are a profusion of wild flowers along the edge of the beach, alive with birds and insects. It's nice to reflect on the height of summer, when the weather outside is so dank and grey!

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  • Helen Fryer

Back in January, I spent a wonderful few days at Camusdarach Beach on the west coast of Scotland. The weather was wild and wonderful; 8 of the paintings inspired by this visit have just gone on sale at Resipole Studios.

January evening, Camusdarach

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